Tuesday, December 31, 2013


In this life of Bohemia,
there are very few things that are consistent.
This year, we've moved 4 times.
We've set up sewing shop in 6 different locations.
We've rolled with the punches and changed plans with the wind.
One of the constants, the thing that facilitates all this jumping around?
(aside from countless almond milk laced espressos)
The jumpsuit.
The all-in-one.
The romper.
The overall.
Call it what you will, but it truly is the official uniform of Bohemia.
Looking over images of this past year, as we prepare to begin another, we realised we could literally chart our progression 
(or our regression)
Through this genius garment.
(Did you know Elsa Schiaperelli invented the jumpsuit? Thank you for your contribution darling, we owe you)
Let's review the year in shameless selfies, shall we?

We started off, last New Year's Eve in sequins
(we are nothing if not predictable).

And soon graduated to Paisley, which saw us from London to the streets of Marrakech.

 And them came an Alix of Bohemia Paisley Romper, with an Ikat Waistcoat:
We cut of all our hair to mix things up.
(Translation, we had a total freak out crisis and chopped; all that hair was just adding to the baggage):

And started a little affair with a polka dot lederhosen inspired overall,
Which we mostly wore with boots.

 Lavender antique french dungarees, with our Alix of Bohemia Indigo waistcoat:

 An all-in-one shorts and shirt combination, which for some reason we felt the need to document on a train,
(Not our most inspired photo-shoot of the year)
 We revisited our penchant for stripes:

 And double stripes. 
(We have a weakness for optical illusions, and probably delusions, for that matter )

 Sequins again, for a fraternity formal with brothers Bohemia:
 And again,
(we could probably exist on a diet of sequins. If it works for Cher, it works for us)

 We coveted Mama Pajama's vintage 60's jumpsuit:
 We tore through town in a god studded zip-up Elvis number:

 An Alix of Bohemia Snakeskin jump for a wedding in the South of France:
 We traveled in a black one:
 Jailbird jump:
Old School Sailor overalls took us from our studio bathroom 
 To Dukes bathroom, 
for martinis, bien sur 

(The rules of Bohemia state that if you need your overalls to be fancy, add fur and a martini)

Alix of Bohemia Lumberjack Jumpsuit with Toile Waistcoat, above

For Halloween we found a Leopard bodysuit, which completely changed our life:
And our darling Fouche modeled a lace version made by our fair hands:

 Bohemia Green corduroy ones,

 Some sort of snazzy black sequined hot pant variety,

 And finally, some leather overalls.
You know, to round out the year.

What can we say, aside from thanking this humble garment from keeping us mostly clothed.

And you darlings, 
thank you for humoring our little tangents on this space. 
Wishing you every adventure in this next year.
And don't forget to jump around tonight!