Wednesday, December 18, 2013


In this festive season, 
Gift guides seem to be, like, a thing thats happening out there.
But seeing as we aren't really an authority on anything in particular,
(can one be an expert in impressions? A connoisseur of mischief? A master of tassels?)
We thought we might share 12 gifts we've been given,
one for every day of Christmas, for each which we are grateful.

Let's start with the Essentials:

1. Overalls in all shapes and sizes of course!
A uniform for all seasons, for which we are grateful.
Leather, denim, whatever, we like them:

 2. London mornings, where the light is just so:

3. Friends who gather round our table, 
 Indulge us in our culinary adventures,

And clean up with us after we make a very huge mess.

 4. We're grateful for our generous title,
(which is a total illusion, but we'll take it):

 5. We're grateful for wise words, of which we need to be reminded most days:
6. The gift of these people:
7. Here's one for you: Panier in Milan!

 8. For Cool Arty People who let us sew in their space after we get kicked out of our studio for the usual bohemian antics:
(cool uniform no?)

 9. For Cashmere and fur in the Cold:

10. For works that inspire, and the makers, like our Mama's rocks formed in clay:
11. The gift of our friend and mostly companion, and a day trip to the sea:

 12. And the gift of beautiful textiles we keep discovering and dreaming in. And those who indulge us and buy our wares.

Merci to you. 

Whats that?
You want to know what we think you should buy?
We've already told you: Go for the jackets, man. 

They are HERE.

Merry Christmas Party People.