Tuesday, December 10, 2013


So Marrakech had kind of tired us out after a few days.
Maybe it was all the Fun.
We're blaming the fun. 
(Those Italians were a bad influence)
We retreated on the last eve

And took a little nap before the next full thing.
And in the morning, 
(while some of us were more restored than others)
we rose,

Noticed how nicely our nightdress matched the carpet,
 bid farewell to a yellow tiled bathroom we had grown very fond of,

And hit the road, Jack.
To see if we could see the Sea.
We wandered to Essouira.
It was this place by the water and we'd heard that the Stones and Hendrix used to hang here.
So that was reason enough, aside from all the Blue.

We wore an Alix of Bohemia woolen waistcoat we'd whipped up in anticipation of the travel,
And a Samburu warrior cuff on each wrist.
It was the best costume for the day. 

To see the water, we felt restored,
sitting quietly on the wall to try and imprint the waves in our mind so we could remember the calm when we went back to London. 

 And we ate some sardines.
When in Rome, you should eat fish.
Or something like that. 

We sneaked in a tailoring session
(this girl never sleeps, don't you know?)

Is it almost Christmas? 
We're not very good at keeping track of days.
If you'd like to order something for the season, for yourself or some other lucky character,
do write to us HERE
We've got some lovely bits to share post Morocco haze.

See you later Happy Hippies.