Wednesday, December 4, 2013


When we woke up on Friday Morning, the world looked very different. 

Familiar faces and tiles and trees put us at ease

Everything seemed pretty on-brand, so we decided to go with the flow.
We're pretty flexible like that, and we always have a toothbrush in our bag anyway. 
So we figured we may as well have breakfast  (every kind of carbohydrate known to man, plus jus d'orange)

We were kind of getting a Bohemian vibe, so we chose the best costume for the day and hit the road to explore.
Fouché in a Alix of Bohemia Jacket, and we wear some paisley and a dirty old waistcoat, naturally.

With the usual company for back up
And we were, certainly in a very different place
and we liked it

If you've been following us, you'll know how much we dig a market.
From Hong Kong to Mexico to Portobello, we have yet to find one we don't like. 
These markets proved no exception in their richness, and the shining sun wasn't terrible either.

We found some of our own kind,
And got down with the North African vibe and spoke our mother tongue a little.
(its way more to fun to haggle in French)
They started calling us Fatima in the Souk, so we decided that was fine too. We could be Fatima for a little while. 

And soaked up shades of saffron and terra cotta

And found Aladdin's cave, Tassel Mecca

And mountains of wondrous treats for eating

Falling dusk meant layering up in more theme based clothing,
and preparing for an evening of fun

Getting down with locals

Clo and Tile Pornography
All that Tagine has made us very tired,
And our eyes are fatigued from all the caftan and textile joy.
Will tell you more tomorrow, about when we go to the sea for some blue.
Love from Marrakesh,