Wednesday, November 20, 2013


We woke up last Saturday morning and remembered, 'Oh yea, we're supposed to be opening a shop this evening'

Naturally, we decided to caffeinate before anything could happen.

And don matching waistcoats for solidarity:
We headed to pick up Claire's sublime Baobab desert trees, to serve as displays

And started to get in like Flynn

unpacking treasures and adding to the scene
(It was kind of like Christmas)

About 15 minutes before we opened the doors, 
we looked at eachother over a glass of Prosecco and hoped people would show up.
Thankfully,  the call of PAR PANIER was strong, show up they did. Everyone and their dog, in fact.

And the hours flew by as the studio buzzed with fine company, fueled on bubbles and excitement.
And then things got weird, as we hoped:

We even found our father's Doppelganger and decided to recreate a portrait of our parents, above.

People wrote on our wall to wish us well.
Because the only rule at Panier is that you aren't allowed to be boring. 

The last of us decided to contribute our locks in a strange Victorian bonding ritual:

A keepsake of the evening, housed in a Limoges box, no less. 

Its just the first of many happenings at PAR PANIER in the run up to Christmas.
If you'd like to join us next time, (we wont make you cut your hair, but we will ply you with drinks and good company)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013


Our togs have been seriously social lately.
As in, maybe we need to be concerned about their reputation.
Overexposure is really not the look we are going for.
At least they're getting some fresh air and being exercised, and it seems the company they are keeping is pretty top notch.
let's see where the gals are going, shall we? Enter the Alix of Bohemia Letterman jacket, on the reverse, the flip side, as seen above and below:

And the right side, with a some striped patches, salvaged bits from an old french duvet.
Who can resist a little bit of French linen?

The Antoinette Coat:

Jane, at Frieze, Killing it in the Kusama Jacket:

The charming sisters Wilcken came to see us at The Studio, for a little dress up:

And left wearing their new dresses. 
"I never feel guilty when I buy Bohemia"
Is what the Tiny one said.

 the Valentina Coat:

 Toile and Ikat Jacket:

A Duster Coat with Paisley, Leopard and Houndstooth, respectively.

Inside contrast:
Our favourite LA Hippie in the Leopard Vest:

Leopard is our constant. We love too much of a good thing and we're too old to change our spots or learn new tricks.
 Which is why we dressed as a dead leopard for Halloween:

Happy Monday.