Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So VOGUE calls us the other week and says,
'Hey Alix & Claire,
want to come to our office and sell your wares?'
and we were like,
'Yea, O.K.,  we will travel there'
and off we went to Hanover Square:

(How we got past the front door, we'll never know)

And after we left VOGUE house,
(though the surroundings were very pretty, it was a little hard to breathe up there, to be honest)
we trotted down Jermyn Street with the remains of our sweet TEDDIES in our baskets.
And even though we were running pretty low on the things, we bagged ourselves some new customers on the street.

 And can you blame them for being enchanted?
We would buy pretty much anything if Fouché told us to.
(we think its the hair, so brilliantly blonde)
Those Teddie Shorts sell like hotcakes, babycakes. 

 Rupert chose a Red Liberty print Teddie
For his darling wife,
(though he would be dashing in them too, we are sure)

 We're hustling Vogue House and the gentlemen of Jermyn Street-
better watch out, you're next to get your bottom into Teddies bambino.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


You know by now the only thing we like more than a theme is a story.
This is a story with a theme, a blue note, if you will.
longtime shade of  our obsession and affection:

And as you also may remember, we like to show you how things progress,from brewing in our thread laden bohemian brain to ending up on the rail.
First things first:
You're going to get down and dirty, and you're going to need a suitable uniform. 
If a leotard isn't solving our sartorial problems on a daily basis, then overalls are.
the hundred year old, lavender faded French denim kind.
This is what we wear to work:

(this is called 'something old, something blue and some boots')

And we are so in a blue mood this day we start pulling out every scrap of indigo, every shade of cerulian and navy we can find in the studio and lay them all out to consider the potential.

 A very old Japanese batik panel  that Gypsy gave us makes the cut:
 We consider trimming options. Gold wire trim is always fabulous, but we are craving something more rustic. And we cut triangles from an antique French market apron and decide to quilt them on.

Faded denim over Indigo, offset with a little bit of lace:

 We cover some piping in some soft coral and edge that bad boy
And because we believe in beauty on the inside, we give her a seaweed lining with a tiny row of hand stitching in orange:
And we hang her up to check her out:
 This is Indigo:

Fouché puts it on:
Alix of Bohemia gold velvet Edie Tunic and 
Indigo Vest:

And our favourite photographer too: 
Jessie in the Alix of Bohemia Japanese schoolgirl dress with Indigo on top.

Shop it now:

Monday, July 15, 2013



Thursday, July 11, 2013


We very much like inviting characters we happen to meet over to play. 
And if you are a character who happens to be in a band called 'GYPSYFINGERS', 
we're probably going to want to be your friend, in addition to making you play dress- up with us.

This is Victoria, singer in the aforementioned band.
in addition to her gypsy fingers,
she has locks like spun gold,
and she was totally throwing us this Annie Hall meets Stevie Nicks vibe.

She's about to go on tour, and she needed some bohemian togs to get her through life on the road. We say, welcome darling, you've come to the right place. Let's start:
Victoria wears
Alix of Bohemia Jade Raggedy jacket
and a custom jumpsuit in Minted India.
And then we try the whole thing in Red,
just to see how we feel about the extremes of the colour wheel.

in between costume changes, and drank mugs of ginger tea, and we talked about very important matters, 
like flower crowns, tambourines and French men.
And finally,
Victoria wears the Alix of Bohemia 
Margherita Dress, in daisy chain,
fully fulfilling her flowerchild destiny.
now you've seen our work, let us share hers:

in other news,
we're sort of half hippie, half machine
 as we've been sewing like banshees preparing for our little opening this evening at 
a little peak at what we've been preparing, because we really like you:

Come along! its going to be fun:
RSVP to: Reve en Vert