Wednesday, October 23, 2013


While we find grooming and personal maitenance beyond the most tedious of tasks (which is why we avoid it at all costs), we are happy as clams to grab a brush and give a facelift to STUDIO PANIER. 
This is our kind of waxing, trimming, polishing and preening:
its even more fun if you wear a paisley robe while you paint the floor with shades of butter.
We hit the ground, because we're pretty comfortable being bottom dwellers.
Fouché starts on the cabinet, Tiffany blue.

After sufficiently coating ourselves in paint, we decide we need a little decoration, a little dress up.
And we find an antique French Panel to duplicate and each take a side,  
(because we're in stuff together) 
and paint the wall shades of jade and chartreuse against a turquoise backsplash.

All of this against the background of Lou Doillon's newest album, which we are listening to on repeat, repeat. 

Fouch é 's Fresco Fantastic:

A colour palatte which is totally channeling our grandparent's house in Palm Beach. In the best possible way, of course. Who doesn't love a 70's mint moment? 

Why are we getting all fancy?
We're opening a shop, for real.
Get in touch Buttercup, to land yourself on the list.

Glowing green.

Monday, October 21, 2013



Thursday, October 17, 2013


 This story starts, as our favourite tales do, on a blue note.
More Indigo meditation, 
(Read about the first Blue period HERE.) 
and a jacket in the works. 
So we pull out the blue thing and start dreaming up combinations:

 And then we find a remnant of a very old flag gypsy gave us.
(this is Gypsy, in case you wanted a visual of our secret fabric source:)
And this is the part of the very old flag:

 We opt for a little red trim:

And begin quilting, row after row of neat navy stitches:


 Things start to come together.
(The best things happen when we wear our Mexican Rosary beads)

And thats the story of our newest INDIGO girl.
We'd say more, but we're kind of too busy admiring how pretty she is.

Want to Blue yourself too? Go HERE.

And may we suggest, some reading material? Its our new blue Bible:

Electric Blue:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


'Kiss me now, love me now'
Fitzgerald once wrote.

Last week, we were in urgent need of some affection:
some Sun and Sea Loving.
We longed to be kissed and loved by the two; a salty embrace and a warm tickle of rays,
Before being forced into winter hibernation. 

So we decided to do the sensible thing and head South.
THere was a big party on the Côte, and we are always happy to have an excuse to sew ourselves a snakeskin jumpsuit and board a plane:
(for its generally encouraged to wear animal print in those parts)

We watched the landscape change from 
Green to Blue from the window;
Blue was better. 
Then it was time for the first fête in a long line of celebrations;
This was going to be a marathon, not a sprint. (Not that we would ever go running, we're just reaching for a convenient metaphor)
So we did the normal thing and slapped on some Bohemian bits:
The ALIX of BOHEMIA Rivera Waistcoat, trimmed in Red Peru

 And met up with some friends, who were donning their own variety of Bohemia:
While drinking champagne from plastic cups, naturally. 

ALIX of BOHEMIA Lorelei jacket in Deep Blue Toile:

 The sun went down, but we made do with a few candles to illuminate a casual barbeque.

The next morning, we were feeling less than festive,

But we managed to rally, and revive ourselves with some fairly decent views

Taking a spaceship to get a closer look at all that BLUE

We gesticulated wildly and took in some rays,
and made a new pool buddy, who stole our Leopard Bohemia right off our back:

 She looked so good in it, we were happy to sacrifice it.
We also took a little colour palatte inspiration, in greens and pinks,
 Before kissing the landscape goodbye when the sun set. 

Not too shabby for a weekend love affair. 

Want the low-down on the wardrobe?
say hello Here.