Thursday, October 3, 2013


Some mornings, particularly before several shots of espresso,
We can only really see or process on a very basic level.
Sometimes we see spots. 
(and a bit of snakeskin)

And we lay out all these bits of fabric together, all black and white variants of dots.
So pleasing to our eye to see the scale and repetition.
We can already see the jacket we want to make emerging from the flat cut forms.
And for a brief moment, we think we are OH-SO clever.
And then we realise, we are just total COPYCATS craving Japanese.
We are just having a moment channeling one of our favourites of the avant-garde.
we're pulling a KUSAMA:

Her works and and range of mediums too vast to catalogue here.
But know that she was a major player in scene,
before all those lightweight pop artists came along printing soup cans and such. 
Taking us on a very psychedelic trip indeed, through epic and vast installations of repeated form. 
The woman understands the power of the polka dot.
(She basically invented it)

As if we needed further convincing of Yayoi's cool factor,
A series of her work in the 1960's  saw her painting naked bodies with polka dots and spots for public viewing. 

A Nudie Polka Dot Hippie Princess?
Where do we sign up?

And we have a reality check and realise we probably should wear clothes in and out of doors, despite our impulse to streak through Shoreditch with a paint-spotted bottom.
So we put down the brush and go back to the drawing board.
(its all about playing to your strengths)

And now she's in our head we have to try and do her a little justice with a humble homage.
A little Fuschia, some Red, to break up our dalmatian moment:

Kusama and the coral.
There is something so luxurious her world. It looks a lot cooler than the one we live in. 

Fabulous Camouflage:
it gets quite tiring undressing and redressing constantly to check our work as it comes along. Yayoi totally had the right idea to just stay naked.
One Armed Wonder

And we line her in snakeskin and top her with a fuzzy little tassel,

which kind of looks like Kusama's rad wig of late. 

And then she's done.
Which is lucky because we're delirious by this stage. 

ALIX of BOHEMIA Black and White and Pink Jacket, 
one of a kind.
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