Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Where did we leave off with you darlings?
Long ago and far away it seems, before the weather turned, and Summer officially ended.
And, you should know, we're partially blaming our blog neglect on Instagram. Its way too instant and it makes us lazy.
Whatever, we're back now. Here's what happened:
The fabric reserves were running worryingly low, so we went in search of supplies, and landed with our luggage in that concrete jungle.

We stopped by Bohemia's newest stateside home, FLAT 128, 
featuring bits made in the Kingdom only.
Its run by one of our favourites, and you can read all about her rad shop on Daily Candy Here.
(they even talk about us)

Having only seen the light from our sewing machine this été , we stopped for some sun.

(This is called sunflower power, in case you were wondering)

 We were reunited with the other half of Double A, 
Darling Antoinette, as we checked out her show at the Blank Space Gallery
It was obviously, very cool. 

 The next morning, we donned our special fabric hunting dress and got with the program:
Its a dress that allows us to get down on the ground and claw our way to the good stuff.
And if you're like us, you're going to want to sit on the ground and go through each shelf individually to look at everything at fabric paradise.
And you're probably going to make the staff at textile Mecca wish they were never born.
We hemmed, we hawed, we ate a falafel on the street faster than anyone should eat a falafel, and then we made a decision:

And with so much fabric in our sack we meandered back upstate to Cazenovia, 
where we would begin to sew our bohemian behinds off.

We were greeted by the puppies, who very much approved of our choices.

And all of a sudden it turned very cold.
It was probably jacket making weather.
Before we started cutting, we experimented with some cold weather looks:
Turns out, no one cares in these parts.
So we started cutting at Grandmother's house, inspired by those bohemians before us on the walls:

Things started to come together.

And we put our heads down and when we came up for air, a collection had materialised:

Mommy Bohemia gamely indulged us as a muse and model,
 wearing the ALIX of BOHEMIA Lorelei Jacket in Red Peru.
the Birds and the Bees Jacket, which kind of reminds of a gingerbread house. 

 And you know how much we love a vest,
so there were a few of those.
Reversable, obviously.
Because a girl's allowed to change her mind. 

 Mother Made us tassels by hand,

So we could sew them here:

 And we uncovered our old school labels, to be sewn into secret lining so we can carry our pack with us on our backs, in spirit:

 And then all of a sudden it was time to go.
So we prepared for the journey home to Londra,
(We like stripes)

Mother kindly dropped us at the airport, looking particularly fabulouso in a vintage jumpsuit.

our flight was cancelled of course. 
that made us slightly angry, like this:

But we're all about making Lemonade from Life's Lemons.
As long as we're allowed to mix it with some Gin.

So instead we ran up to College to see the Brothers Bohemia:

And we stayed with them in the Frathouse.
And here are the lovely gentleman of said Fraternity who kindly welcomed us, 
despite our old age and opposite gender,

Giving new meaning to the term 'Free Spirits'.

And then it was truly time to go,
So we made that plane and got back in the London Groove over on the East Side

Ready to present our collection to Reve en Vert, 
the beauties who represent Bohemia in this neck of the woods.

 They live HERE.

 And a sweet reunion with our London Muse and Collaborator, whom we hugged Hello and then forced a jacket on her blonde back.

Haven't you heard? its jacket weather.