Tuesday, October 15, 2013


'Kiss me now, love me now'
Fitzgerald once wrote.

Last week, we were in urgent need of some affection:
some Sun and Sea Loving.
We longed to be kissed and loved by the two; a salty embrace and a warm tickle of rays,
Before being forced into winter hibernation. 

So we decided to do the sensible thing and head South.
THere was a big party on the Côte, and we are always happy to have an excuse to sew ourselves a snakeskin jumpsuit and board a plane:
(for its generally encouraged to wear animal print in those parts)

We watched the landscape change from 
Green to Blue from the window;
Blue was better. 
Then it was time for the first fête in a long line of celebrations;
This was going to be a marathon, not a sprint. (Not that we would ever go running, we're just reaching for a convenient metaphor)
So we did the normal thing and slapped on some Bohemian bits:
The ALIX of BOHEMIA Rivera Waistcoat, trimmed in Red Peru

 And met up with some friends, who were donning their own variety of Bohemia:
While drinking champagne from plastic cups, naturally. 

ALIX of BOHEMIA Lorelei jacket in Deep Blue Toile:

 The sun went down, but we made do with a few candles to illuminate a casual barbeque.

The next morning, we were feeling less than festive,

But we managed to rally, and revive ourselves with some fairly decent views

Taking a spaceship to get a closer look at all that BLUE

We gesticulated wildly and took in some rays,
and made a new pool buddy, who stole our Leopard Bohemia right off our back:

 She looked so good in it, we were happy to sacrifice it.
We also took a little colour palatte inspiration, in greens and pinks,
 Before kissing the landscape goodbye when the sun set. 

Not too shabby for a weekend love affair. 

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