Wednesday, October 23, 2013


While we find grooming and personal maitenance beyond the most tedious of tasks (which is why we avoid it at all costs), we are happy as clams to grab a brush and give a facelift to STUDIO PANIER. 
This is our kind of waxing, trimming, polishing and preening:
its even more fun if you wear a paisley robe while you paint the floor with shades of butter.
We hit the ground, because we're pretty comfortable being bottom dwellers.
Fouché starts on the cabinet, Tiffany blue.

After sufficiently coating ourselves in paint, we decide we need a little decoration, a little dress up.
And we find an antique French Panel to duplicate and each take a side,  
(because we're in stuff together) 
and paint the wall shades of jade and chartreuse against a turquoise backsplash.

All of this against the background of Lou Doillon's newest album, which we are listening to on repeat, repeat. 

Fouch é 's Fresco Fantastic:

A colour palatte which is totally channeling our grandparent's house in Palm Beach. In the best possible way, of course. Who doesn't love a 70's mint moment? 

Why are we getting all fancy?
We're opening a shop, for real.
Get in touch Buttercup, to land yourself on the list.

Glowing green.