Thursday, October 17, 2013


 This story starts, as our favourite tales do, on a blue note.
More Indigo meditation, 
(Read about the first Blue period HERE.) 
and a jacket in the works. 
So we pull out the blue thing and start dreaming up combinations:

 And then we find a remnant of a very old flag gypsy gave us.
(this is Gypsy, in case you wanted a visual of our secret fabric source:)
And this is the part of the very old flag:

 We opt for a little red trim:

And begin quilting, row after row of neat navy stitches:


 Things start to come together.
(The best things happen when we wear our Mexican Rosary beads)

And thats the story of our newest INDIGO girl.
We'd say more, but we're kind of too busy admiring how pretty she is.

Want to Blue yourself too? Go HERE.

And may we suggest, some reading material? Its our new blue Bible:

Electric Blue: