Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So VOGUE calls us the other week and says,
'Hey Alix & Claire,
want to come to our office and sell your wares?'
and we were like,
'Yea, O.K.,  we will travel there'
and off we went to Hanover Square:

(How we got past the front door, we'll never know)

And after we left VOGUE house,
(though the surroundings were very pretty, it was a little hard to breathe up there, to be honest)
we trotted down Jermyn Street with the remains of our sweet TEDDIES in our baskets.
And even though we were running pretty low on the things, we bagged ourselves some new customers on the street.

 And can you blame them for being enchanted?
We would buy pretty much anything if Fouché told us to.
(we think its the hair, so brilliantly blonde)
Those Teddie Shorts sell like hotcakes, babycakes. 

 Rupert chose a Red Liberty print Teddie
For his darling wife,
(though he would be dashing in them too, we are sure)

 We're hustling Vogue House and the gentlemen of Jermyn Street-
better watch out, you're next to get your bottom into Teddies bambino.