Monday, August 5, 2013


Sometimes city life starts to wear on our bohemian bodies.
We get tired of tearing through Soho and Shepards Bush in big stomping boots like maniacs, looking for fabrics and ribbons and strings and things.
We we were in total bohemian burnout mode. 
And just as we were about to collapse from complete city exhaustion, Joanne called and told us to get our ass in gear and on the train.
(She's bossy like that, in the best possible way)
Knowing what to expect from our favourite Hong Kong Lady, we grabbed a bottle, a book and a toothbrush and hopped on the country bandwagon.

Our state was pretty dire:

And we were reunited and given just the tonic for this City Malady.
It was pink, and we drank it with ice cubes:

After medicine was distrubuted, we were greeted by the best cook in the world,from the other side of the world,
who fed us quiche and a salad made of flowers

We knew what to expect from the Old Rectory, as we'd been so kindly invited as guests before, 
but we'd managed to forget how incredibly cosy, and beautiful, and relaxing this charming home was.
Effortless integration of Eastern and Western objets.
Its kind of how we imagine real grown ups live.

Some headgear and some notable bohemian nobles

And after you've had a moment to digest,
(both lunch and your surroundings)
its time for walkies.

And before we crack out the rosé again
we're going to play some croquet.
Because thats the other thing you do in the country,
aside from walkies and lunching and drinking rosé.

we get totally schooled in the art of flower crown making.
Have we met our match or what?
The capable hands of Devon, our new muse, who crafted those beautiful crowns:
And now that we're all dressed up, you can guess what time it is:

TEDDIE SHORTS in Big Wave with Rouge
make and appearance with Joanne and the pink wine.

Darling John, the other half of the host couple.
An amazing sport he was, the only male, flanked by a gaggle of girls.
We think he's particularly refined with his hair and cigar and his dogs. 

The perfect prescription,
A perfect weekend.
And we are oh-so refreshed and restored by girl power and fresh air.
Hey Monday, all good.