Friday, August 16, 2013

HEY SUNSHINE: Fouché in Greece

First listen, so we can get you in the mood while you scroll through our morning musings:

We seem to remember there was a time in London when it was HOT HOT HOT.
On one of those afternoons when it was Hotter than Hades, we were hunched over the iron, sewing in our underwear, 
(clothes are a luxury sometimes),
 we reached for the Hawaiian print and sewed up this elasticated two piece number,
which we decided to call CHIQUITA BANANA,
for obvious reasons.
Here she is:

When we recovered from the aforementioned heatstroke, we realised there's only one character who can pull off such a look. Her name's Fouché,and you've seen her here before. Here's that lucky little duck representing Bohemia middrift dreams in Mykonos:
little island gypsy spirit,
with a touch of the Masai round her delicate neck
(as one does, when sporting Hawaiian print)

Only Fouché can get away with being so artsy and dramatic and oh-so effortlessly glamorous.
this is called crucifix chic in Greece:

ALIX of BOHEMIA Chiquita elasticated two piece cotton number.
its a skirt and a crop top and if you're still savoring sun in your neck of the woods, we'll happily make one for you too, 
and we won't even be jealous of you.

Us with Fouché, both in Bohemian playsuits.

Happy Friday Cowboys and Cowgirls.