Monday, August 12, 2013


Sometimes, we're slow.
As in, we're ten steps behind the rest of the world when it comes to technology.
In fact, that word is kind of dirty to us.
It doesn't sound romantic or bohemian and we like to pretend we don't need screens or modern machines.

That being said, last week, after TWO waterbottles leaked in our bag TWO days in a row, our trusty little mobile phone drowned at the bottom of our gypsy sac, in a sea of Badoit bubbles. 
Sometimes you have to get over yourself and your distain for things that are actually useful. Sometimes you have to throw money at problems.
And we totally caved and officially became the last person in the world to get on the iphone train.

And that means, of course, we got on the Instagram train, and have since wasted many hours exploring filters and living vicariously through pictures and shamelessly snapping what we're eating, wearing, buying and seeing. And we learned what a hashtag is. Its making us feel thoroughly Modern like Milly.
Indulge us if you will?
We saw some Fuzzy pink tops on Columbia Road 
 We befriended a pug, our a new studio companion 
We had cold white wine with some stylish shoes #maisongalet

We met a very big dog. 
We got kind of dreamy in the park, fingering thistles in an Old Hat.

Our mostly muse came back from Kenya bearing gifts from the Masai
Toile and ikat joy for Fall.
We caught up with darling Ella, in from Hong Kong.

We wore a paisley bathrobe out and about.

And documented a Friday feast we made of Branzino with lardons, fennel and preserved lemons.

 We wore indigo polka dots and drew on ourselves

 More fabrics.

And the always fabulous Victoria sent us a snap of her in an ALIX of BOHEMIA orange linen Arancia Dress at sea.

We learned a few things this week:
1. Do not put a waterbottle in your bag if the top is not screwed tight.(And certainly don't do that twice)
2. Technology (The i-phone) can be our friend.
3. We probably take too many photos of ourselves in weird outfits and hats.

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