Friday, December 13, 2013



There are only two rules:
1. No Boring
2. No Ugly
We find admin both BORING and UGLY, which is why we don't keep a traditional shop on the old internet.
But should you be a more normal type of person, who might like to see what Bohemia has for the holidays, we thought we might showcase our  current wears in a regular way. 
We're feeling the jackets; a girl's got to cover her bohemian back, don't you know.
(And these are not boring or ugly, so they pass the test)

1. Navajo Cashmere and Wool Coat, with Liberty of London Lining £490.00

2. Kipling Jacket, with ecru fringe and Japanese Indigo trim, £330.00

3. The Antoinette Coat, with pieces panels of vintage Toile and Liberty of London lining £420.00

4. The Black and White and Red Jacket, with vintage plaid shooting patch £350.00

5. The Palm Beach Jacket, with Tie Dye trim and Block print lining £320.00

6. The Willis Jacket with tweed cashmere shooting patch and paisley trim £280.00

7. The Valentina Coat in taupe linen with Hand-stitched daisies £400.00 

 8. The Marrakech Waistcoat, in boiled wool with Red Peru trim and Indonesian ikat £310.00

Each piece is one of a kind, an made by our fair hands in London.
Jackets fit size Small through Medium but can be custom ordered if you're 
extra small or extra large 
(no judgement, we like bohemians of all shapes and sizes)

If you want to get your hands on that stuff, there's still time for us to ship before Christmas comes.
To say 'HEY HIPPIE' email us HERE