Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Hey Bunny Rabbits, its a New Year!
(And thank goodness for that. 2013 was a bit of a bitch if you ask us.)
We always get slammed with some post-Christmas melancholy,
When all the cashmere has been opened, the poinsettias droop, and the marzipan consumption means our dungarees don't fit right.
So to lift our spirits, a little sale!
You can score some Bohemia at 50% off:

1. Navajo Cashmere and Wool Coat, with Liberty of London Lining £490.00 £245.00

2. SOLD Kipling Jacket, with ecru fringe and Japanese Indigo trim, £330.00 £165.00

4. The Black and White and Red Jacket, with vintage plaid shooting patch £350.00 £175.00

5. The Palm Beach Jacket, with Tie Dye trim and Block print lining £320.00 £160.00

6. The Willis Jacket with tweed cashmere shooting patch and paisley trim £280.00 £140.00

7. The Valentina Coat in taupe linen with Hand-stitched daisies £460.00 £230.00

 8. SOLD The Marrakech Waistcoat, in boiled wool        with Red Peru trim and Indonesian               ikat £310.00 £155.00

Each piece is one of a kind, an made by our fair hands in London.
Jackets fit size Small-Medium.
If you want one for yourself ask HERE we'll whip it your way.

In the meantime, we're doing the whole New England thing and hibernating a bit:

Its flipping freezing here.
We are so looking forward to Spring.
(for the clothes, of course. And so should you, if you know whats good for you kiddo.)