Monday, January 20, 2014


Yo Dudes and Babes,
Happy Monday right? 
We're totally stoked to be here.
In our jacket making addiction of late, 
(the first step is admitting you have a problem)
We've been feeling a bit of a military, nautical-edwardian thing:

Stitching ribbons and things to make loops and plackets

As its Monday, we're going to need to call on the muses,
and generally its a good idea to start with Hendrix, so turn up the volume, baby:

The hat which we need:
Flipping mind-blowing antique gold:
Buttons to covet:

 Teddie Girl:

Balmain's riff on the whole thing, which we could happily eat for breakfast with a spoon.
Whats better than Balmain? Lou wearing Balmain:

Patti was on board:

And we come full circle to end on a high note, with Hendrix again, Because we like a loop.
And Because the man was born to wear that jacket. Too cool.