Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So seeing as it was the weekend 
(it was only a couple of days ago, remember?)
we were in the mood for a bit of an outing.
We pulled on some TEDDIE SHORTS and a very old jumper with holes in the elbows
and almond milk latte in hand, 
we headed across the bridge. 

And what did we find?
an exhibition on one of our heros, 
monsieur Kaffe Fassett.
Talk about a life in colour;
the man is a painter, quilter, textile, tapestry and mosaic designer.
His are the fabrics we have loved and used for many years of our bohemian collections
Why, of course artichoke and beetroot are the perfect pairing with your Ming vase:

Our favourite part, easily the studies for those fantastical textiles:
Hello Hippie Garden!

Oh what a beautiful garden he grows.
Had we known we would have dressed more appropriately for the occasion, in one of our garments made from his jolies tissues.
like this one:
Olivia in ALIX of BOHEMIA Livvy Dress in made from Kaffe's Beach Roses
 Or this one:
Bella in an ALIX of BOHEMIA custom Maxi Dress
Or perhaps a favourite variety of Teddie: 
ALIX of BOHEMIA Teddie Shorts in Kaffe's Lavender Surf
Hippie Mama in ALIX of BOHEMIA Lemonade Blouse in Kaffe's acid

We drenched our little brains in colour and soaked up all that acid and day-glo whimsy.
You must go! its fantastico.