Monday, June 17, 2013


it was a long weekend of sorts,
a long weekend of Teddie shorts.
Born of Bohemia and lovingly made in London by our fair hands.
Allow us dears to show you some highlights of Alix and Claire launch and show off our wares

1. Minted Marie Antoinette Teddies  £90.00

2. Liberty of London Lavender surf Teddies with silver trim and lilac trim respectively, £75.00 each

Teddies doing food prep
(multi-tasking little shorts they are)

 Our glamourous partner Claire wearing the linen surf Teddies and an Alix of Bohemia Raggedy jacket.

 3. Hot Lotus Teddie with Fuschia ricrac, £65.00 
 4. Yellow leopard Teddies £65.00
 5. Raspberry Liberty of London Teddies with Ecru £75.00
 6. Liberty of London Red Paisley with Dolly Trim £75.00
 7. Red Teddies with Navy £60.00
 8. Linen surf Teddies with black trim £75.00
 9. Linen surf Teddies with Folk ribbon trim £75.00
 10. South of France Teddies with Ecru £70.00
 11. Preppy Princess Teddies £60.00
 12. Peppermint Ticking Teddies with Ribbon trim £70.00
 13. Pink Macaron Teddies with Lavender £65.00
 14. Blue Lotus Teddies with Lavender £65.00
 15. Blue Liberty Teddies £70.00
 16. Classic Seersucker Teddies £70.00
17.  Periwinkle Macaron Teddies £65.00
 18. Daisy Chain Teddies £80.00
 19. White on White Teddies, £80.00
 20. Fox and the Hound Linen Teddies, £75.00
 21. Gretel Teddies, £65.00

 We used a lift for a changing room, and had a ball indulging our taste for Teddies.

Any of those bits strike your fancy?
They're flying fast and each are unique.
Get in touch buttercup and tell us what you like here.