Friday, June 28, 2013


We do get a kick out of seeing where our clothes go, even when we are stuck behind our sewing machine. 
(Our clothes have have far more glamourous advenutures then we)
Enter Fouché
(it rhymes with 'soufflé')
showing off a little, en route from Saint Tropez:

the ALIX of BOHEMIA Saffron Dress
being fancy in the sky,
perfectly paired with those nude gladiators.

Then sweet Nikki sent postcards from the shores of Javea
(it is so very useful having beautiful people wear our clothes)
The ALIX of BOHEMIA Duckie Dress:
In shades of sherbet against the shore.

Where do you wear your Bohemia? 
We are longing to know!
Send us images, and stories if you please? here.