Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Our hands were itching a little, 
and our little comrade Claire was in need of a jacket
and so the sister to the Red Raggedy was born,
the ALIX of BOHEMIA Raggedy Jacket in Jade.
Which she wore while reading to us about purple gold and bohemian garnets from her book of gems.
And what a gem she is (Claire, not the jacket, though we love her too.)

A little ruffled trim, a touch of checkered piping and a cool glass 

with some secret stitched daisies on the shoulders, on top of a little horse and hound toile

And might we suggest the perfect pairing for the wine, and the Jade Raggedy?
The Gretel Teddie Shorts, to match.
Suit up baby, its shining outside. 

ALIX of BOHEMIA Jackets are made to order and completely hand made in London.
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