Monday, February 3, 2014


Mondays are all about attitude.
You have to get your head in the right space so you can sell it for the rest of the week, baby.
And the only way through is to get the right attitude on a Dreadful  Monday.
(This hatred must be a boarding school hangover. Why do we fear them so? Its not like we have to go to an office.) 
You can't let Monday creep up on you. Otherwise you'll be like this:

When you need to be like this:

Look at Margot, take a page from the book. She's like "Monday? Whatever. Hit me."
Thats what we're going for, k?
In order to get the attitude, you have to look at nice things.
It helps the good vibes flow. And thats how we power the bohemian bus: 
good vibes, green juice and The Cure. 

Lately we've been collecting pictures of Adam Ant. Total babeshow, with the most fantastic jackets.
He's been the inspiration for all of this ribbon sewing, military Bohemia moment. 

On Mondays we usually need to be held, too.

And if there's no duck around to do the job, we'll take some camel to hug our thighs and warm our cynical bodies.

Basquiat, thank you for reminding us of the power of big hair and animal print.

Looking Ahead.

This is the right costume for Monday, in case you were wondering. Its the only thing we can possible wear on this day:

With some painted antique Apache boots, of course:

(Its the only way we're going to feel empowered)

A circle of stars and a charming post card

And so another week begins.
Feel better? Us too. 
The medication must be working.
We'll be here if you need us:

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