Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Dear Barbara and Chiara,

Nine weeks ago, you landed in London and came to us:

Barbara and Chiara, our first day of meeting. 

And now that nine weeks have passed (so quickly), you will know that even though we (ALIX of BOHEMIA) speak as a 'WE', we are really just an 'I'.

As in, before you came along, to lend your talents and your time, this was a one woman show: one bohemian bunny and a sewing machine. So I will step out of the comfort of the collective voice to address you in a much smaller voice to say THANK YOU

Perhaps I can begin by telling you how humbled I am to have had you working with me.  

I am very touched by your commitment, enthusiasm and dedication.

Before I knew you, if I am honest, I really didn't want to have interns. I wanted to control everything myself and I didn't want anyone to help.You taught me that having support is a gift to be cherished. 

And I taught you about hummous and handwritten tags.

We didn't really speak the same language, (your English certainly improved and you tolerated my horrendous Italian) and we learned what you call an 'English seam' I call a 'French seam', but when it came to the garments there was an understanding and a shared passion, a pursuit of creating something beautiful together. 

Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts and knowledge with me. Damn, you girls are clever with a needle and thread. 

Thank you for always being flexible and going with the flow; adapting to whatever place we happened to be working out of that day. 

Thank you for tolerating that jerk of a landlord. 

Thank you for being patient when the power kept going out, and when the sewing machine broke.  

Thank you for not complaining when I made you rip out seams and start again because I am a maniac. 

Thank you for your joy! You were always smiling. 

Thank you for not judging me for wearing a bathrobe 60% of the time and for being on the brink of a nervous breakdown 80% of the time.

The girls and I in a bohemian huddle.

Thank you for my beautiful Orchid. 

Thank you for believing in my dream of Bohemia, even when I doubted it.

I will miss having dim sum together and I will miss our vocabulary lessons. I will particularly miss hearing you sing along to the music in the background as the sewing machine was running. It is a little lonely without you here. I miss my posse! I kind of got used to traveling in a pack.

Thank you for investing your time in me. I love you my darling Italian angels, I can't wait to see all the beauty of your future. I am so proud of you! 

Bravo et merci miei cari.

Love your sister in Bohemia,


Beautiful Barbara in the ALIX of BOHEMIA Pink Pom dress
 The bella Chiara models the same over breakfast, 9 weeks later.